Fee Guide

We strive to provide an excellent service at Smile. This includes using the best equipment and clinically-proven techniques and materials, providing a special environment with all the little extras that make coming here as pleasant an experience as possible, and not least, allowing time to listen to you and discuss your options with you. Our fees are set carefully to allow that level of care, but to be competitive and good value. Also, we base our care on a preventive, long-term approach. This means once we get your mouth healthy, we intend to try to keep it that way, preventing the need for repeated future treatment and expense.


New Patient Assessment (60 mins, inc. all necessary x-rays) 135.00
Child's New Patient Assessment (20 mins, inc. small x-rays) £45.00
Routine Examination £55.00
Small x-ray £10.00
Large Pan-oral x-ray £45.00
Hygienist Appointment  £75.00
Super-smile Treatment (intense jet clean for super stain removal) £46.00
Tooth Coloured Filling (price from) £90.00
Silver Filling -Amalgam (price from) £90.00
Porcelain Inlay (price from) £680.00
Gold Inlay (price from) £750.00
Metal & Ceramic / Gold Crown (price from) £680.00
Advanced Metal-free Porcelain Crown (price from) £680.00
Porcelain Veneer (price from) £680.00
Metal & Ceramic Bridge (price from) £1050.00
Root Canal Treatment (price from) £550.00
Full Denture (price from) £950.00
Partial Plastic Denture (price from) £380.00
Partial Cobalt Chronium Denture (price from) £1100.00
Tooth Whitening  (price from) £280.00
Sports Mouth Guard (price from)
Nitrus Oxide Sedation ("Happy Air") £120.00
Seadative Injection £250.00
Extraction (price from) £110.00
Dental Implants (guide price only - POA) (price from) £2500.00

Smile guarantees
We are happy to guarantee work that we have recommended and carried out. All restorations will be guaranteed for at least one year, and implants and advanced crown & bridgework, for five years.

This is subject to bi-annual attendance at Smile for check-ups and prescribed hygienist visits and the wearing of mouth guard protection during any contact sports, or protective splints in cases of tooth wear due to grinding.

Guarantees do not cover damage to restorations or dentures caused by trauma or accident,
failure of restorations due to poor oral hygiene, poor mouth care and lack of dietary control against our preventive advice, or in
any case where the restoration was not the restoration of choice by the dentist

Payment Options
You will be given a computer-generated estimate after any examination, where treatment is recommended. All fees will be discussed openly. You are required to pay for each item of treatment on the day you have it. Where treatment is complex or involving laboratory work, you will be asked to pay half the balance at the outset of treatment and half at the end of treatment. For your convenience, we accept cash, cheques, debit cards and credit cards. 


We can organise finance for you allowing you to spread payments over a year or more, for your convenience. Please ask us for further information.

Changes to your appointments / Cancellations
New patient assessments must be reserved by payment at least 48 hours in advance. As our diary is very busy, we request 24 hours notice for a cancellation / change of appointment. Some types of appointment require a deposit to reserve your booking. In some cases this is non-refundable. We reserve the right to charge for failed appointments based on an hourly rate unless due to exceptional circumstances.



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