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Dental Care

We strive to provide an excellent service at Smile. This includes using the best equipment and clinically-proven techniques and materials, providing a special environment with all the little extras that make coming here as pleasant an experience as possible, and not least, allowing time to listen to you and discuss your options with you. Our fees are set carefully to allow that level of care, but to be competitive and good value. Also, we base our care on a preventive, long-term approach. This means once we get your mouth healthy, we intend to try to keep it that way, preventing the need for repeated future treatment and expense.

Today, it really is possible to have the smile you always wanted. Modern dental techniques allow you to whiten, re-contour or straighten the teeth you have, or even replace missing teeth with permanent fixed replacements instead of dentures. It is no longer necessary to put up with an unsightly smile or be embarrassed by ill-fitting false teeth.

Obviously, cosmetic improvement is only possible once your mouth is healthy and well cared for and not all options are suitable for everyone, but there is nearly always something we can do to improve your smile.

Here are some of the treatment options:

Tooth Whitening – this is one of the simplest ways of instantly improving your smile. All over the world people are having their teeth successfully lightened. The method we prefer takes only a few hours a day, over a week or two. We make you some special, comfortable plastic trays to wear in your mouth, in which you place a whitening gel which gently and painlessly lightens natural enamel, while you relax at home or even while you sleep. This is suitable for moderate to lightly discoloured teeth.

Tooth Contouring – if your teeth are chipped or uneven, it may be possible to recontour them by gently smoothing them or moulding a little tooth-coloured material over them.

Veneers – a veneer is a thin layer of tooth coloured material, which is bonded to the front surface of misshapen or badly discoloured front teeth, allowing them to look straighter and more attractive. They can either be made of a mouldable filling material in the surgery or of porcelain made in a laboratory. They are a simple, conservative way of improving your smile.

Tooth-coloured fillings – we are able to offer you fillings that closely match the colour of your natural teeth. These tooth-coloured fillings are suitable for small to medium sized cavities. They are not suitable where the cavity is very large, below the gum line or where there is bleeding from the gums.

Tooth-Coloured Inlays – where there has been significant loss of part of a tooth due to fracture or tooth decay, we are able to restore the tooth to its former shape using an ‘inlay’. This is a very strong laboratory-made filling, usually porcelain or similar, which matches the tooth colour exactly and makes the tooth look as good as new.

Crowns – a crown is used to completely enclose a tooth that is very badly broken-down or weakened, or to disguise a very unattractive tooth at the front of your mouth. It can be made of just porcelain, or porcelain with a metal lining for strength, and looks exactly like your natural tooth. Sometimes crowns on back teeth are made of gold.

Bridges – if you have a missing tooth, this can sometimes be replaced with a bridge. A bridge uses teeth to the front or back of the space or sometimes both, as anchors for a replacement tooth. Again, they are made to look just like natural teeth and are fixed in your mouth permanently.

Natural looking dentures – sometimes, the number of missing teeth or their position prevents the use of a bridge to replace them. We can make you natural looking dentures using special techniques and materials that look very realistic indeed, giving you confidence again. Dentures can be made of a plastic material (acrylic) or sometimes they have a metal substructure (chrome).

Dental Implants – these are the ultimate tooth replacement. Where you have missing teeth, we are sometimes able to replace them using dental implants. An implant is a titanium “root” that is placed into the jaw, which can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. They usually support either a crown or a bridge, or help retain problem dentures that move around or cause discomfort. Dr David Pagliero is our resident implantologist and specialist oral surgeon, who has placed thousands of successful implants, from single teeth to whole arches of teeth. With the right planning, it is now even possible to have teeth replaced in a day in some cases.  

Relaxation & Sedation - We have extensive experience in sedation for dental treatment, with a highly trained sedation team. For especially anxious patients or difficult procedures we are pleased to offer

  • inhalation sedation (happy air)
  • oral sedation (sedative tablets)
  • intra-venous sedation (sedative injection)

Oral Health

Prevention is at the heart of everything we do at Smile. Our hygienists play a big part in our team, helping you to prevent gum disease and tooth decay to keep your smile for life.

Many of you will have benefited from seeing a hygienist in the past, but for some of you this may be a new experience. Hygienists are highly skilled clinicians and their role can be divided into three main areas: -

  • Prevention and Advice - Along with the dentist, our hygienist will discuss prevention of tooth decay and gum disease including dietary advice, home mouth care and the use of fluoride and all the latest gadgets. Samples of recommended products are readily available.

Monitoring and Treatment of Gum Disease - The majority of the population will suffer with gum disease at some time in their life and are frequently unaware of it. In some cases, it can be destructive and may lead to early tooth loss if it is left undiagnosed and untreated. We take this very seriously and our hygienist plays a huge role in its detection, monitoring and treatment. Every time you come for a routine dental examination we will check your level of gum health as well as the rest of your mouth. We will give you an Oral Health Score to enable you to see how you are doing.

Most people need to see the hygienist two or three times a year for a short, routine visit. Sometimes, for more advances cases of gum disease, careful treatment planning is necessary, which may involve a course of several longer visits. At these visits, she will gently and thoroughly clean diseased areas of the mouth that you cannot reach.

Polishing and Freshening of your Mouth - One of the nicest aspects of visiting our hygienist is receiving a clean and polish using the latest equipment and a very gentle technique. She will leave you with your mouth feeling fresher and your teeth looking brighter. For those extra special occasions or for heavily stained teeth (for example tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco stains) we offer a “SuperSmile” treatment. This is a one off shorter visit dedicated to stain removal and polishing using a gentle jet spray of bicarbonate powder that will leave your mouth exceptionally clean and your teeth sparkling!


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