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Dear lovely patients,

Further to the announcement on 31 October by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing a lockdown from this Thursday 5 November, we can confirm that this DOES NOT AFFECT DENTISTRY and that all booked appointments will carry on as normal. This is great news for patients as your dental health is of the utmost importance, just as your general medical health is.

Over the past couple of months, we have steadily worked our way through the outstanding courses of treatment that were suspended by the last lockdown and are now in the process of contacting all patients for their routine recall examinations. This is being done in a sequential manner, recalling those people who missed follow-up exams in March, then April, then May and so on. You will all be contacted, but if you feel you may have been missed, please email the practice on info@smiledentalcentre.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible to explain where you are in the system and make appointments as necessary. Please be reminded that if you are in pain or have broken teeth that are in need of immediate attention we will see you on an urgent basis, usually within 24 hours, to address your problem at the earliest opportunity. For such appointments, please telephone the practice directly and speak to one of our helpful receptionists.

With very best wishes, The Smile Team x




Dear lovely patients,

We are pleased to announce that Smile is now open for all aspects of your dental care, including your routine check-ups.

Our return to providing dental care has been phased over three stages. Our first priority was to help those patients who developed dental problems during lockdown, at a time when we were unable to provide any face-to-face treatment. The second phase was to catch up on treatments that had been planned prior to lockdown.  Having now largely completed both of these initial phases, we are very pleased to be able to welcome you back for regular check-ups, essential to our goal of maintaining your long-term oral health.

Working within the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Government and our regulatory bodies, means that we have a reduced operating capacity.  We thank you for your continued patience during these challenging times, and be reassured that we are, and will continue to be, committed to providing the exceptionally high standards that you have come to expect at Smile.

Due to the continued risk posed by COVID-19, certain aspects of your experience when visiting Smile will be different to normal.

PPE and the safety of patients and staff

The safety of our patients and staff has always been our number one priority at Smile and continues to be so. You will notice that we are wearing extra PPE, in addition to the gloves and masks that we’ve always worn. For many of the simpler treatments, there is the addition of a visor and an apron. For any treatment which may create an aerosol, such as using certain dental drills and ultrasonics, we have the addition of a full-length gown, extended visor and an FFP3 facemask.

Furthermore, following any procedures in which aerosols are generated, the surgery will be shut and left empty for 60 minutes before we are able to re-enter and carry out a thorough clean. This is the main factor reducing our capacity and requires some careful diary planning!

Changes to your visit to Smile

24 – 48 hours before your appointment, the practice will contact you to ask some simple questions about your health and the health of those you have been in contact with.

When you arrive at Smile, you will be asked to wait outside in your car, to be called for your appointment only when we are ready to see you. This minimises any contact with other patients in the waiting room. On entry to the practice, your temperature will be taken and you will be asked further questions to establish your risk status. If we have concerns, you may be asked to return home. All staff in the practice will be wearing PPE at all times and you will be escorted straight to the surgery for assessment/treatment, thereby reducing your contact time with anyone other than the dentist and nurse who will be looking after you. Payment for some treatments such as hygiene will be taken over the telephone, in advance of your appointment, to reduce your time in the practice.

The information above will be emailed to you prior to your appointment.

Check-up charges

The fee for a routine adult check-up at Smile will be increasing from £45 to £55, as of 1st October 2020. We have managed to keep the charge for our check-ups fairly static over recent years. However, due to a number of factors, some relating to COVID-19 and others reflecting gradual changes in the way in which dentistry is delivered, means that check-ups require a slightly longer appointment than they used to. As you will appreciate, this additional time has to be accompanied by a modest increase in the fee. In order to reduce the affect that this will have on a family attending for their check-ups, the fee for a child’s exam will remain at £25, but the age at which an adult fee is charged will increase from 16 to 18 years.

The team at Smile, look forward to welcoming you back.

Best wishes, 

David, Sharon and the Smile Team x




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