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Covid-19 Action Plan


Dear lovely patients,

Further to the Prime Minister’s televised national lockdown speech on 23 March 2020, we regret to inform you that Smile Dental Centre is now closed.

All forthcoming appointments are therefore cancelled so please ignore any automated reminders asking you to attend. All appointments will be rescheduled in due course when the government gives us the green light to do so. Please bear with us at this challenging time and avoid telephoning the practice about routine appointments.

If you have a dental emergency please telephone the practice as normal and your situation will be subject to a telephone triage with one of our dentists.
We will manage emergency situations on a case by case basis but be reassured that we are still here for you, if not only to redirect your concerns to another provider. Going forwards it is likely that the government will centralise emergency care for dentistry in the next few days and ask individual practices to refrain from opening to see any patients, but details are still being finalised.

The current situation with which we are faced is a national emergency and we hope that all patients will extend courtesy to us for any logistical problems that will undoubtedly arise over the next few weeks.

It is with heavy heart that we are faced with closing but it is the right thing to do. Please heed the governments warning regarding self-isolation, as the wave of coronavirus related health issues is quite simply a tsunami that will hit us very hard over the next 2 weeks and we must do all we can together to help the nation. The problems we face could last for many, many months to come.  Please continue to refer to the practice website for updated information from the practice.

And, when it comes to self-isolation and the hardships we all face, please spare a thought that amongst the vulnerable groups we are trying to protect are the elderly who fought for us in the war, many of whom are patients at Smile. All the majority of us now have to do for them, is sit at home on our sofas. A sobering thought. Spare a thought too for the amazing front-line NHS workers who will be looking after us.

We wish you all the best and safe, good health.

Kind regards,

David, Sharon and the Smile Team



...Something to smile about

We recognise that anxiety about dentistry is unnecessarily common and aim to reassure you that dental care need not be feared and may even be enjoyed! Smile Dental Centre is a patient-centred private practice where you can feel relaxed and genuinely cared for. Every effort is made to put you at ease - from the calm, comfortable environment to the choice of music or video to entertain you during treatment.

We are a team dedicated to prevention of dental and oral disease, and aim to increase awareness of your oral health by working with you to improve your smile for life. We can even show you around your mouth using a special camera. We strive to provide excellent quality dentistry using what we believe to be the best materials, equipment and techniques and are committed to post-graduate education to realise that aim. We actively promote ongoing training for the whole team.

A full spectrum of state-of-the-art dental care is available. A choice of sedation techniques allows even the most nervous patient to receive their treatment in comfort. We have a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry, creating attractive smiles and comfortable mouths using natural-looking restorations and tooth replacements.

Smile Dental Centre is an innovative, thoughtfully created practice designed to our exacting standards by an award-winning architect. It’s ideal location, on-site parking and longer opening hours make access to excellent dental care convenient for all.


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